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The Salesforce Browser Integration to manage your Sales and Recruitment process from any website. 🚀

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Create new records & log activity

Create records, tasks add notes and more from any webpage. Minimising data entry and ensuring Salesforce is always up to date without the constant tab switching!

Create new Tasks, Notes, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities & Accounts in Salesforce in a few clicks
Automatically check your Salesforce CRM from any website
Source verified B2B Email addresses
Record your activities to your CRM/ATS timeline in seconds from any webpage

Never miss an opportunity to connect

Surface your CRM / ATS records in relation to any website or profile viewed to avoid duplicate records & get a full 360 view of your data.

Create new records from anywhere with the Salesbolt Sidebar
Source verified contact email addresses
No customisations needed. Salesbolt supports all custom fields right out of the box ✨

Save time. Win More.

Spend your time on more valuable activities. Not copy-pasting data into your CRM!

Create new records, and avoid pesky duplicates!
Log notes, tasks and activities to your CRM / ATS
Easily update records any time from any webpage
Chrome Webstore

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Salesforce Browser Integration?

While there are various Salesforce Browser Integration tools available for teams to try, Salesbolt is the only Salesforce-native application available on the market. If you do not have the time to copy and paste data at scale into your CRM, our Chrome extension is a game-changer.

Utilising Salesbolt will help to streamline your workflow by automatically surfacing Salesforce data. This Salesforce Browser Integration does all the heavy lifting for you. With prospect data at your fingertips, you can create new Salesforce records from any webpage in seconds. Imagine how much time you could potentially save by leveraging Salesbolt to create CRM records with a single click.

This is a must-have tool for any marketer that’s serious about building relationships.At Salesbolt, we’re in the business of building relationships, not lists. Our solution is designed to help facilitate more conversations in less time.

We recognise the importance of having crucial data at your fingertips to optimise your workflows. If you’ve struggled to find an effective way to create new Salesforce records at scale, Salesbolt is the missing piece of your CRM puzzle.

Why use Salesbolt as your Salesforce Browser Integration?

Our Salesforce Browser Integration has all the features you need to instantly create records in Salesforce.

Salesbolt allows you to surface Salesforce CRM records and any related activity each time you view any integrated page to avoid duplicate creation.

The Salesforce-native connection gives you a like-for-like CRM experience while you’re using your favourite websites. When you capture key fields from a site to a new lead or account, the Chrome extension automatically understands your Salesforce structure.

From custom fields to page layouts, Salesbolt respects all the existing logic in your Salesforce CRM to ensure automated data entry is imported accurately and coherently.

That’s right, no customisations are needed.While Salesbolt automatically captures key fields from target sites, it also scans through your existing Salesforce CRM data to identify existing records. This means you can keep growing and expanding your CRM records without fear of creating duplicates.

It’s these critical features that enable our 10,000 users to move quickly with the tool and make rapid progress.With automatic background record updates and data-change alerts, our systems will regularly and systematically cross-reference all identified records in your CRM with the latest data on 10,000's of websites.

Our integration automatically updates these records in Salesforce under custom Salesforce fields - and leaves your original data separate and fully intact.

Salesbolt can play a vital role in making sure your leads never go stale. Our intuitive solution will automatically refresh and update your marketing dataset - giving you access to all the latest CRM data you need to run effective outreach campaigns.

With all the latest data in your CRM, you can launch high-performing outreach campaigns that maximise potential coverage.At the same time, access to refreshed data allows sales teams to follow contacts to their new workplaces and evaluate potential opportunities.

When Salesbolt automatically updates your CRM records, this helps to create new sales opportunities and gives you the necessary data to keep building on existing relationships as leads and customers join new organisations.

The #1 Salesforce Browser Integration

Are you tired of spending hours tediously copying and pasting data into your CRM?

Salesbolt's Integration for Salesforce has you covered. Our easy-to-use Chrome extension works out-of-the-box as an effective Salesforce Connector. This intuitive solution travels with you as you browse the web - enabling you to instantly capture leads directly into Salesforce.

If you want to have more conversations with prospects in less time, taking Salesbolt for a spin is a no-brainer.

How can you use Salesbolt's Salesforce integration?

As our integration is geared around efficiency, we do not want to burden our users with a lengthy setup and installation process. With no configuration required, Salesbolt works out-of-the-box.

You can begin to unlock value from our Salesforce integration and hit the ground running in less than 10 seconds. This means you can create new leads and records on the fly.

How do I link Salesbolt with Salesforce?

With Salesbolt in your corner, it takes a click of a button to instantly start creating new leads and accounts.

Our Salesbolt Sidebar integration also comes with a built-in B2B email finder which enables you to find verified B2B email addresses for free.

This feature will give you confidence in the accuracy of the data added to your Salesforce CRM records. Before the launch of Salesbolt, many sales teams were left daunted by the task of navigating between your browser and Salesforce to manually create leads, contacts and accounts.

Due to a lack of time, this tedious and repetitive process was often left on the back burner, stalling growth. Fortunately, Salesbolt has reinvented the process of creating new CRM records via Salesbolt.

How can you connect Salesbolt to my Salesforce?

It’s never been easier to connect your browser to Salesforce. To get the ball rolling, you need to install our free Salesbolt Chrome extension. You can do this by visiting the Chrome Webstore.

After installing our integration, you can seamlessly begin to automate lead, contact and account creation in Salesforce and enrich your existing records with all the latest data. Now is the time for ambitious sales and marketing teams to begin embracing powerful automation solutions.

If you’re actively looking to streamline and automate your workflows, Salesbolt is a must-have solution. This is the integration you need to unlock a treasure trove of hidden opportunities in your CRM data and fully capitalise on your existing Salesforce data.

Salesbolt represents the next generation of CRM data management. Are you ready to eliminate tedious administrative tasks from your CRM processes? Take our free Chrome extension for a spin today.

Alternatively, you can book a demo with our team to see our Salesforce integration in action and discover how Salesbolt can quickly create and enhance CRM data.