Build relationships. Not lists.

On average, CRM contacts change jobs every 36 months, which can lead to churn risks and missed opportunities for new business.

Salesbolt solves this challenge by automating CRM contact updates, preventing churn, and empowering revenue teams to capture more new business. ⚡️

Salesbolt Company Change Alerts

The next generation of CRM data management

Leverage your existing relationships to drive new business with prior users of your solution at their new companies.

Job Change Alerts

Identify new opportunities as contacts leave customer accounts to join new organizations.

Signal Account Risk

Alert the right user as contacts leave customer accounts to prevent and reduce churn.

Automated Reports

Generate Reports and Dashboards to track high value Job RoleCompany alerts within your pipeline.

Automatic Record Creation

Automate Lead, Contact or Account Creation &. Enrichment based on the alerting rules you choose.

Actionable Data

Work from standard CRM list views enriching your existing records with Salesforce Native Data.

Data Integrations

Additional data API connections for technographic data enrichment and segmentation.

Ready to help your most complicated data tasks

Schedule monthly updates

You know your customers best. You are in control of how often you sync to check for role and company change data for any given cohort within Salesforce.

Want to check all Customer Contact Roles monthly and all High-Value Prospects Quarterly, no problem.

Give your users actions items that create Revenue

Data alone isn't the answer, more data often = more time spent analysing.

For fast paced Revenue teams we provide direct actionable workflows natively within Salesforce.

Smart workflows and triggers allow you scale Revenue Growth

  • Congratulate your customers on their latest promotion with a pre-structured email template.
  • Create a new Lead and update an email address based on their latest Company Change.
  • Surface warm Introductions into prospect accounts with previous customer contacts.

Salesbolt's automated actions are the backbone of a well oiled Revenue Engine.

Salesbolt Company Change Alerts

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Customer Reviews

Hear what our users have to say about us...

“Never take it away from us!”

“Salesbolt's intent data gives our revenue team a flood of high quality, hyper-targeted accounts that care about our solution before we ever reach out.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
Curt Hopmann, CEO -  Breadwinner
Curt Hopmann

“Efficiency is key”

“Being able to cross reference through Sales Force help's me find new opportunities in the most efficient way possible. In my position this is well worth it and very important.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
Chris Wolf, Business Development
Chris Wolf
Business Development
Verizon Connect

“Why did I not have this in previous roles”

“Worst thing about a sales role is the admin. Salesbolt gives me hours back as I no longer have to manually enter details into our CRM, it auto populates & tells me if the lead exists already.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
Samuel Benton, Account Executive
Samuel Benton
Account Executive

“Worth it's weight in gold!”

“Having the ability to transfer information with a click of a button saves me hours of time per day. I use this software frequently through my daily work.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
Fallon Manuel
Fallon Manuel
Account Manager
Horizon Recruitment

“Makes prospecting so easy”

“As a consultant, I was looking for a lead capture solution for our client and I feel extremely lucky to stumble upon SalesPath. It's quick, easy, efficient and does exactly what our client needs it to do.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
James Lawton, Enterprise Account Executive
James Lawton
Enterprise Account Executive

Designed for Modern Revenue Teams

Connect prospect & customer cross-departmentally to unlock hidden opportunities.

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