Build relationships. Not lists.

Each year, one-third of your CRM data becomes outdated through Role & Company changes. Automate your CRM & ATS updates and effortlessly add new records with Salesbolt. ⚡️


The next generation of CRM & ATS data management

Leverage your existing relationships to drive new business from existing contacts & candidates in your database with automatic updates and alerts.

Company Change Signals

Identify new opportunities as contacts leave customer accounts to join new organizations.

Resume Capture

Signal Account Risk

Alert the right user as contacts leave key accounts in your Salesforce database to prevent churn and identify new opportunities.  

Candidate Matching

Automatically update your ATS Candidate Database to enhance your existing Job Role & Candidate matching accuracy.

Record Creation from Anywhere

Create Leads, Contacts or Accounts in Salesforce from 100s of websites. No more time wasted switching tabs!


Access Salesforce from wherever you work

Create and update your notes, tasks and events directly in Salesforce from any website using the Salesbolt Sidebar.

Data Integrations

Expand your CRM's capabilities with additional data API connections for deeper insights into your leads and customers.

Used by some of the world's leading organisations
5 out of 5 stars
5 Star Review - Salesbolt
5 out of 5 stars
5 Star Review - Salesbolt
5 out of 5 stars
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

Ready to automatically update your team's CRM and ATS data?

Schedule monthly updates

You know your customers best. You are in control of how often you sync to check for role and company change data for any given cohort within Salesforce.

Want to check all Customer Contact Roles monthly and all High-Value Prospects Quarterly, no problem.

Give your users actions items that create Revenue

Data alone isn't the answer, more data often = more time spent analysing.

For fast paced Revenue teams we provide direct actionable workflows natively within Salesforce.

Smart workflows and triggers allow you scale Revenue Growth

  • Congratulate your customers on their latest promotion with a pre-structured email template.
  • Create a new Lead and update an email address based on their latest Company Change.
  • Surface warm Introductions into prospect accounts with previous customer contacts.

Salesbolt's automated actions are the backbone of a well oiled Revenue Engine.

Customer Reviews

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“Never take it away from us!”

“Salesbolt's intent data gives our revenue team a flood of high quality, hyper-targeted accounts that care about our solution before we ever reach out.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
Curt Hopmann, CEO -  Breadwinner
Curt Hopmann

“Efficiency is key”

“Being able to cross reference through Sales Force help's me find new opportunities in the most efficient way possible. In my position this is well worth it and very important.“

5 Star Review - Salesbolt
Chris Wolf, Business Development
Chris Wolf
Business Development
Verizon Connect

Designed for Recruitment & Business Development

Uncover hidden gems within your database with automated data cleansing & sourcing via Salesbolt's suite of ATS and CRM tools.

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