Account & Role Mapping

Understanding the organizational chart of your prospects is vital.

Organization Charts

Salesbolt enhances the Org Charts from two of our partners that both offer native Salesforce Apps. Org Charts are improved when you have the LinkedIn Profile URL to identify the Contact.

Squivr: Org Chart

Org Chart is a fully native Salesforce experience helping companies build, align, & drive revenue optimization.

Squivr, the company behind Org Chart, also offers Playbooks as part of their app.

Sales Methods: OrgChartPlus

OrgChartPlus is one of the original apps offering visual org charts on the AppExchange.

Sales Methods, the company behind OrgChartPlus, also offers Plan2Close and Plan2Prosper.


Complex Sales

Whichever app you have, Salesbolt enhances your org charts to help you close complex sales with ease.