Salesbolt's Enhanced Data Verification Delivers Accurate Email Enrichment for Sales Teams

Salesbolt's enhanced data verification ensures accurate email enrichment for sales teams during company change events, delivering real value. 🚀

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Salesbolt Enhances Email Enrichment Accuracy with Advanced Data Verification

Salesbolt, a leading provider of sales prospecting solutions, has announced a significant improvement to its email enrichment feature. With the addition of enhanced data verification, Salesbolt's enrich tool can now more effectively prevent false positives when finding email addresses from business domains following company change events.

In today's highly competitive sales environment, accurate and up-to-date contact information is crucial for success. Salesbolt's email enrichment feature has been an essential tool for sales teams, helping them find the email addresses of key decision-makers at companies they are targeting. However, changes in a company's structure, such as mergers or acquisitions, can lead to the associated email addresses changing, making it challenging to find accurate contact information.

To address this issue, Salesbolt's new verification algorithm cross-checks multiple sources of publicly available data, including email patterns, social profiles, and job titles, to accurately determine whether an email address is still associated with a specific company. This means that sales teams can have confidence that the email addresses they use are accurate and up-to-date, even in the face of company change events.

"We're thrilled to introduce this enhancement to our enrich tool," said Salesbolt's Founder — Craig Maxwell. "We understand the critical importance of data continuity and accurate email addresses to our customers' success, and we're continuously looking for ways to improve the accuracy of our data. With this new feature, we can provide even more value to our customers to help them close more deals and ultimately, do more with less."

The enhanced verification feature is now available for all Salesbolt Enrich customers. The B2B email enrichment feature is triggered automatically when Salesbolt detects that a Salesforce contact has changed company, making it easy and convenient for sales and marketing teams to benefit from the advanced technology. Salesbolt also leverages third-party tools such as and, which use AI-powered algorithms to search for the most accurate B2B email addresses associated with a domain, saving valuable time and effort for sales and marketing teams.

Overall, Salesbolt's new data verification technology is a significant step forward for the state of CRM data quality. By ensuring that sales teams have accurate and up-to-date contact information, Salesbolt is driving more successful sales outcomes and delivering real value. This improvement underscores Salesbolt's commitment to continuously improving its products and services to help customers achieve their sales goals. 🚀

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