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How to map Salesforce custom fields with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Creation for Salesforce.

There are a few limitations with the standard LinkedIn Provided integrations, here we take a deep dive into these (and some possible workarounds).

If you're reading this, it is quite possible that you have already tried searching for help articles on how to include custom fields, required fields, page layouts, validation rules etc into your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Creation for Salesforce.

At the time of writing, it is only possible to create Lead records using standard Salesforce standard fields only, and these aren't configurable by the Salesforce admin.

Below is an example of the fields available in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce (Enterprise Edition) CRM Sync with regards to Lead and Contact creation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce. - Lead Capture Field Mapping

What about my user's Salesforce page layouts and Record Types?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce - Lead Capture Limitations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator's CRM Integration for Salesforce only supports the Lead object and a few selected standard Salesforce fields on the object are hard coded into the connector. Admin defined per user page layouts and multiple record types are not supported by LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise - Lead Creation.

Okay, but it works with my validation rules right?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce - Lead Capture Limitations

Validation rules which utilize Salesforce custom fields are not supported. An effective (but extreme and possibly destructive option) would be be to remove any of your orgs conflicting validation rules at the Salesforce object level.

A more balanced option we'd suggest would be to simply replace any Mandatory/Required Salesforce custom fields with a validation rule ensuring this rule excludes any Leads or Contacts with the Lead Source of "X" (X being the Lead Source you've selected in the LinkedIn field mapping).

Alternatively you could have your users download the Salesbolt Chrome Extension, users simply connect to Salesforce via OAuth connection and the tool dynamically reflects your Salesforce custom fields, required fields, validation rules, duplicate rules, page layouts and record types all on a per user basis right out of the box.

Thanks for reading! 👏

Craig Maxwell - Co-Founder & CEO of Salesbolt