Salesbolt was named a FrontRunner for lead management software by Software Advice.

Salesbolt was named a FrontRunner for lead management software by Software Advice. As a team, we were elated to gain recognition from Software Advice.

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Salesbolt in Software Advice’s FrontRunners for Lead Management Software

Did you hear the news? Salesbolt was named a FrontRunner for lead management software by Software Advice. As a team, we were elated to gain recognition from Software Advice.

We believe this recognition reflects our commitment to providing small businesses with the lead management solutions they need to identify contacts leaving customer accounts and generate high-value leads. With no shortage of rave reviews, Salesbolt is well-regarded among customer success and revenue operations teams that crave highly targeted intent data.

We want to take this opportunity to break down what it means to get recognized by Software Advice as a FrontRunner for lead management software and why this distinction matters. We have worked hard to develop a product that fires on all cylinders and successfully meets the needs of teams trying to squeeze more value from existing relationships to drive new business.

Disclaimer: FrontRunners constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Software Advice or its affiliates.

What is FrontRunners?

FrontRunners was created by Software Advice to help small businesses evaluate which software solutions can meet their needs. When small businesses are faced with an abundance of choices on the software market, this can result in delayed buying decisions. FrontRunners represents the cream of the crop in the software industry - giving users clear options.

As the leading online service for small businesses navigating the software selection process, Software Advice developed FrontRunners to help streamline the software selection process. FrontRunners measures end-user reviews and product data, positioning the highest-ranking software products based on customer satisfaction and usability ratings from small businesses.

Why does this recognition matter?

Software Advice has supported more than 750,000 small businesses in their efforts to find the right software to meet their specific needs. With one-on-one advice, objective research, and actionable insights, Software Advice has a wide range of resources - along with over 770,000 verified user reviews - to ensure small businesses can make buying decisions with confidence.

For us, being one of Software Advice’s FrontRunners for lead management software is like receiving a golden stamp of approval. As an unparalleled source of software recommendations, Software Advice has established a reputation for offering impartial and data-backed advice to small businesses looking for the best software solutions to meet their requirements.

What is the FrontRunners methodology?

The FrontRunners methodology utilizes user reviews to score products on two key areas:

  • Customer satisfaction on the y-axis
  • Usability on the x-axis

The usability score is calculated using a weighted average of two different user ratings across a 24-month period of analysis:

  • The end-user ratings on the software solution’s functionality.
  • The end-user ratings on the software solution’s ease of use.

The customer satisfaction score is calculated using a weighted average of three different user ratings across a 24-month period of analysis:

  • End-user ratings on how valuable the software solution is to users relative to price.
  • End-user ratings on how likely they are to recommend the software solution to others.
  • End-user ratings on the overall quality of the customer support experience.

This gives Software Advice a good understanding of how the product is performing and whether it qualifies as a FrontRunner for a specific type of software, such as lead management. When it came to getting recognized as one of Software Advice’s FrontRunners, Salesbolt had to meet a clear set of criteria. Here are just a few of the essential points:

  • The software solution has at least 20 product reviews published on Software Advice.
  • The software solution serves North American users with reviews from regional users.
  • The software solution isn’t niche and is relevant to software buyers across industries.
  • The software solution achieves a strong overall user-review rating on Software Advice.
Source: Software Advice

Why was Salesbolt chosen as a FrontRunner?

While there are many lead management software solutions on the market for businesses to choose from, Salesbolt stands out from the crowd due to its general usability and high levels of customer satisfaction. We have a loyal user base of sales and marketing professionals that are readily willing to recommend our solution to other businesses in their spaces.

Why is Salesbolt effective for CRM data management?

When it comes to CRM data management, customer success teams often fail to identify hidden opportunities in their CRM data. Fortunately, with Salesbolt in your corner, it’s never been easier to identify new opportunities as contacts leave customer accounts to join new organizations. Salesbolt allows you to capitalize on existing relationships with instantaneous job change alerts.

How can you leverage Salesbolt?

You can utilize Salesbolt to identify dozens of hyper-targeted Salesforce accounts that care about your product or service. Whenever a buyer leaves a customer account, you will receive an alert to highlight this potential opportunity. Old customers and new companies are updated automatically inside Salesforce with verified email addresses and phone numbers.

At the same time, you can use these alerts on buyers leaving customer accounts to prevent churn. If buyers are leaving customer accounts, this presents a churn risk. By identifying departing champions, you can launch proactive churn prevention programs. Receiving alerts when key contacts change company or role is critical to supporting customer retention.

As professionals in new positions often seek to implement changes, this can throw relationships with customers into question. You should leverage Salesbolt to proactively stay ahead of these situations and deploy churn prevention programs. If you’re responsible for customer retention, there’s nothing worse than wishing you had acted sooner with retention strategies.

Are you ready to start using Salesbolt? If you want to unlock more value from your CRM data and identify customers with an increased risk of churn, you need Salesbolt in your corner.

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