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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Salesbolt for Free?

Both of our two apps, the Chrome Extension, and the Salesforce App, can be used totally for free, though with either credits per week (Chrome Extension) or limited features (Salesforce App). To get more free credits for the Chrome Extension, you can use your referral link and invite colleagues and friends.

How much does Salesbolt cost?

If you exceed the limits of the free plans, Salesbolt can offer either a per-user or a per-usage plan, depending on your needs. You can start with our Pricing page, or book a demo to understand our pricing better.

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes, you can book a demo and speak to one of our experts.

Is my Data Safe?

Your data is never saved on our servers. Your data lives in Salesforce.

Do you resell my Salesforce data?

No! You own your Salesforce data. We use it only to search on other platforms when requested/configured by you. Your Salesforce data is never resold, or shared.

Do you offer a free trial to test Salesbolt out before committing?

With our Salesforce App, some features are unlimited and free, while other features are limited to a certain usage, before you have to pay. However, everything can be evaluated completely for free.

With our Chrome Extension, all features are available on our free plan (Salesbolt Lite), however usage is limited by your credits.

Our Offices

We are primarily a distributed team, across the US, UK, and India. If you are wondering "What Time zone are they in?" it really depends on the team member.

New York, NY

750 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States

London, UK

125–127 Mare Street
London E8 3RH


Quad2 A3, 10th Floor
Cyber Towers
Hi-Tech City
Hyderabad 500081