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Find company LinkedIn URLs and Website Domains for free

Account identification =
de-duplication, better prioritization, more revenue

Still hoping that your staff will magically decide to help you identify the Account? Waiting for them to copy the email address into the Website Domain field? Waiting for them to go to the website, find the LinkedIn URL, and add that Salesforce, making everyone's life easier?

They won't. Ever. But Salesbolt will! Best of all, this is totally free. It's part of our mission to rid the world of lousy CRM data. Get Salesbolt today to start identifying all your Accounts.

Salesbolt Saves you time.

Your entire Salesforce Org just works better if all the Accounts have a clearly identified Website and LinkedIn Company URL

Automated Scraping

It takes time to go to a company website, find the LinkedIn Company URL, copy it, paste it into Salesforce, edit the Account, save, wait, it again a million more times. Or let Salesbolt identify all your Accounts. For Free.

Populate Website

If you have the corporate email address, you have all the information you need to populate the Accounts' Website field. But your staff are too busy, and as a result, it's blank. We'll identify the Account for you! For Free.

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5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars
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