Build relationships, not lists.

Save time building CRM lists and capture accurate data fast with our productivity boosting features

Capture Profiles

Enterprise Data Capture

Create new records from LinkedIn in seconds

Cross-Reference Salesforce

Cross-Reference Records

Automatically search Salesforce CRM

Use Salesforce Anywhere

LinkedIn Integration

Connect Salesforce CRM with LinkedIn Data with our Salesforce LinkedIn connector

Find Verified Email Addresses

Email Finder (Beta)

Find valid B2B emails for new leads

SalesBolt LinkedIn Profile Capture

Create new records instantly.

Automatically capture key fields from a social media profile minimising data entry and ensuring Salesforce is always up to date without lifting a finger and boost your sales team's effectiveness with social selling.

Create new leads

Create new leads

Automatic data enrichment and button click record creation

Work anywhere

Work anywhere

Search Salesforce from any website using Salesbolt's sidebar

Horizon Recruitment - SalesBolt for Salesforce

"Salesbolt reduced recruiter admin by over 17%"

Salesbolt for Salesforce Chrome Extension enables our team to easily capture leads from LinkedIn into Salesforce, better utilizing our existing data by reducing duplicate ATS records and in turn, saving us huge amounts of time when prospecting, sourcing and researching candidates.

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