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Salesforce Integration for LinkedIn ⚡

Create Leads, Contacts and Accounts in Salesforce from LinkedIn Profiles and Companies, instantly. All while finding their email address!

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Instantly create Records in Salesforce =
more conversations in less time.

Create new records instantly

Automatically capture key fields from any LinkedIn profile minimising data entry and ensuring Salesforce is always up to date without lifting a finger.

Create new Leads, Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce in a few clicks
Automatically check your Salesforce CRM from any website
Find verified B2B Email addresses from LinkedIn profiles for free
B2B Email Finder
Create Salesforce Records from LinkedIn

Get more value from LinkedIn + Salesforce

Surface Salesforce CRM records and your related activity every time you view a LinkedIn profile to avoid duplicate creation & get a full 360 customer view.

Create CRM records with a single click with our linkedIn chrome extension
Native connection with Salesforce gives you a like-for-like CRM experience from LinkedIn
No customisations needed, Salesbolt supports all custom fields right out of the box

Build relationships, not lists

Spend your time on more valuable activities. Not copy-pasting data into your CRM!

Create new records from LinkedIn in seconds
Automatically search your Salesforce CRM
Find verified B2B emails
Salesbolt Company Change Alerts
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by our customers
5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars
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Curt Hopmann, CEO -  Breadwinner
Curt Hopmann
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Salesbolt's intent data gives our revenue team a flood of high quality, hyper-targeted accounts that care about our solution before we ever reach out. Never take it away from us!”

Chris Wolf, Business Development
Chris Wolf
Business Development
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Being able to cross reference through Sales Force help's me find new opportunities in the most efficient way possible. In my position this is well worth it and very important.”

Fallon Manuel
Fallon Manuel
Account Manager
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Having the ability to transfer information with a click of a button saves me hours of time per day. I use this software frequently through my daily work.“

Samuel Benton, Account Executive
Samuel Benton
Account Executive
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Worst thing about a sales role is the admin. Salesbolt gives me hours back as I no longer have to manually enter details into our CRM, it auto populates & tells me if the lead exists already.“