Identify Warm Leads at New Companies

Follow the people who love your solution to their next role

Your Job: Increasing Leads

Marketing, Sales, and Revenue Operations might all be tasked with generating or increasing leads. And not just any leads, but the right people who have the authority to purchase, the budget, and most importantly the awareness that your solution even exists and how it can help.

The Magic Wand

Imagine a Lead Generating magic wand. You might wave it and say

Every time a champion of our product leaves one of our customers, I want to be alerted. I want to know what that new company is, as well as their email address and phone. I want them added to a Salesloft or Outreach cadence. I want to reach out to that champion at their new company, before they spend their budget. And I want to make sure that they are considering our solution at their new company.

Salesbolt provides this magic wand. We can identify when champions, users, or influencers leave the employment of your customers and move on to a new employer. And armed with this knowledge, you can direct your energy and focus at the most high-risk companies.

The Benefits

Approximately 70% of a new employee's budget is spent in the first 100 days. You want to be alerted to these jobs changes and reach out these amazingly qualified prospects who have already used your solution.

Enriching your Salesforce Accounts with technographic information will tell you what companies have already bought. But creating new Salesforce Accounts & Contacts, or Salesforce Leads, based on job alert changes, will tell you which companies might be about to buy a solution.

The Mechanics

Salesbolt can check your Salesforce Contacts to see if they've changed their Employer. We do this by monitoring their LinkedIn Profile to see if their headline experience or title changes.

Any changes will cause a series of actions in your Salesforce Org:

  • A record will be created, on the related list of the Lead or Contact
  • That record will show the old employer and old title, and new employer and new title
  • That record will also show an email address (categorized as either confirmed, or likely) and phone (either confirmed or likely)
  • An email alert or Slack message can go out to the owner of that Contact or Lead, proactively alerting you to this (Slack messaging is currently in beta)
  • One-click Creation will optionally initiate the creation of a new Salesforce Account, or New Contact, or New Lead

With this information, sales teams can pursue qualified buyers who have already used your product, and reach them before they have made a decision or spent their budget.

Job Change Data vs Intent Data

We're sometimes asked why Job Change Data is better than Intent Data in identifying target customers. It's not better. It's different and the two should be used in tandem.

Intent data often tracks an action, such as visiting your website or reviewing solutions on review sites. It's a great way to find out which company might be interested in your solution, and doesn't requre one of your former customers' staff to have moved to that company.

What Intent data cannot do is easily alert you to which user is showing intent. Nor can it, by definition, alert you before they take actions which indicate intent. Nor can it gaurantee that the person you're contacting is already well-versed in your solution and its benefits.

Job Change data will allow you to reach amazingly qualified prospects before anyone else can.


Pricing for Job Change Alerts is usage based. You pay per-record fee, per job-change-check. There are no minimum volumes, nor required contract length. You can check 100 records once a quarter, or a million records once a week. It's totally up to you. And, you have complete control of which records you check, and how frequently.

While a free trial is available, the real benefit comes from checking a core set of Contacts, month after month, indefinitely. An average tenure between 24 and 36 months correlates to 3-4% of your customer's employees changing roles every month. So to truly appreciate Job Change alerts, you need to have Salesbolt running monthly, even on a limited (and affordable) group of contacts.