Track candidate job changes directly in Salesforce.

Continuously track job and role changes in your Salesforce based ATS

With Salesbolt you are always informed about recent changes of your contacts. This allows you to go the extra mile and engage with talent and customers in a personalized and adequate manner. With personal messages or pre-structured email templates. Be the first to:

- Congratulate customers on their latest promotion
- Reach out to candidates to talk about their latest assignment
- Welcome successors of your valued contact persons who moved along
- Create new contacts and update email addresses based on their latest Company Change

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5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars
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5 out of 5 stars
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Make more placements, keep your candidate data up-to-date

At any one time, 30% of your database is out of date, as people change jobs or gain new qualifications. Automate Salesforce record updates and get alerted when candidates gain a qualification or land a new role.

Get regular job change alerts whenever a key contact changes company or role
Automatically find new & updated contact information
Enroll "movers & shakers" into a dedicated sales cadence using Salesloft,, or

Hiring Managers change jobs too. Get job change alerts in Salesforce. 

When the market gets tough, finding new job listings can be challenging. Recruiterbolt Enrich can help; get job change alerts for your Hiring Managers directly in Salesforce and update the records instantly with new data.

Keep your key customers happy; reduce customer churn thanks to job change alerts

Get job change alerts on a fortnightly or monthly basis, ensuring you are aware when key customers may be at risk. Reach out to other stakeholders and ensure you have a new point of contact established before hiring season gets underway.

Enrich your existing top tier customers to identify risk
Highlight champion contacts within hard to reach target prospects for immediate warm introductions
Expand your sphere of influence within your targeted ABM accounts

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Curt Hopmann, CEO -  Breadwinner
Curt Hopmann
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Salesbolt's intent data gives our revenue team a flood of high quality, hyper-targeted accounts that care about our solution before we ever reach out. Never take it away from us!”

Chris Wolf, Business Development
Chris Wolf
Business Development
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Being able to cross reference through Sales Force help's me find new opportunities in the most efficient way possible. In my position this is well worth it and very important.”

Fallon Manuel
Fallon Manuel
Account Manager
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Having the ability to transfer information with a click of a button saves me hours of time per day. I use this software frequently through my daily work.“

Samuel Benton, Account Executive
Samuel Benton
Account Executive
5 Star Review - Salesbolt

“Worst thing about a sales role is the admin. Salesbolt gives me hours back as I no longer have to manually enter details into our CRM, it auto populates & tells me if the lead exists already.“

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