Salesbolt vs LeadIQ

Which one can help you more?


Both Salesbolt and LeadIQ can create Leads and Contacts from LinkedIn leveraging a Chrome Extension, and can save them to Salesforce. Both provide phone numbers and email addresses.


Let's look at the differences!


The biggest difference is the pricing. If you need integration with Salesforce, then LeadIQ's minimum price is $135/$120 per user/month.

Salesbolt has a radically different price structure. Salesbolt's free plan (called 'Lite') allows creation of Leads and Contacts up to a certain amount per week.

You can create even more records by referring Salesbolt to your friends or colleagues, all for free. Or, your company or team can purchase Salesbolt, at $50 per user/month (paid monthly) or $40 per user/month (paid annually).


What if the Lead or Contact is already in Salesforce? Only Salesbolt can help you there. When you're on a LinkedIn Profile or Company, LeadIQ doesn't search through Salesforce for you automatically. Salesbolt does, saving you tons of wasted time.


Both Salesbolt and LeadIQ can create records in Salesforce. LeadIQ creates them in one click, whereas Salesbolt has the ability to create them in Preview mode (where you can add additional info) and also in one-click (currently in Beta).

Salesloft and Outreach

LeadIQ syncs with both. Salesbolt currently only syncs with Salesloft.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Salesbolt leverages your Salesforce logins by default! So Salesbolt is 100% SSO, by default. LeadIQ charges extra for this ($4800 annually, as of 2021).