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Sales & Business Development

Salesbolt's Chrome Extension to create leads from any website.

Top Features

View and create Leads, Contacts and Accounts from any website. Easily cross reference Salesforce from anywhere.

Candidates in ATS

Staffing & Recruitment

Data Intelligence Platform for Company-Wide Revenue Growth

Top Features

View and create new Candidates and Contacts from any website job board or resume site. Execute your entire recruitment ATS workflow wherever you work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Free Trial?

There is a free-forever version of our Chrome Extension which can do almost everything, just limited by weekly usage.

Is it really free, what's the catch?

We really do have a free tool and a bunch of free features. ❤️

Does Salesbolt work with our ATS?

Yes, in fact we have Recruiterbolt with connects directly to any Salesforce Based Applicant Tracking System.

What  Salesforce version do I need?

Our Chrome Extension requires you to have Salesforce Enterprise, or Professional Edition with Rest API Enabled. 🤞