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for Salespeople

Salesbolt's Chrome Extension to create leads from LinkedIn Profiles.

Who is this for?

Salesbolt's Chrome Extension allows you to create Leads, Contacts or Accounts from LinkedIn in an instant. The extension also tells you if the profile matches any existing Salesforce records to prevent duplicates.


Salesforce App for Revenue Leaders

Data Intelligence Platform for Company-Wide Revenue Growth

Who is this for?

Salesbolt's Salesforce App provides a stream of Job Change and Company Change alerts directly in Salesforce notifying your team of key changes that represent new opportunities to sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Free Trial?

There is a free-forever version of our Chrome Extension which can do everything within a few weekly limits.

Our Salesforce App has a mixture of free & paid features.

Is it really free, what's the catch?

We really do have a free tool and a bunch of free features. Our pricing is predominately usage based, so you pay for what you need. It's our way of saying thank you! ❤️

Are you  taking over the world?

We're trying! We're on a mission to save businesses from overpriced database providers that lock you in with big contracts. Come join us!

What  Salesforce version do I need?

Our Salesforce app will work with Salesforce Professional and up, with or without the API!

Our Chrome Extension requires Salesforce Enterprise, or Professional Edition with Rest API Access. We're working on liberating it so the non-API Professional Edition orgs can use it to. 🤞