Save time with Recruiterbolt ⚡

The #1 browser integration built for all Salesforce based Applicant Tracking Systems that lets you update and add new candidates to your ATS from any website in just a few clicks - no more tedious tab switching.

Chrome Webstore

Reduce admin, increase your candidate placements.

Add candidates directly to Salesforce from any website using the Recruiterbolt Chrome Extension. Spend less time copy and pasting details and more time talking to candidates and hiring managers.

Candidates in ATS

Create new candidates & log activities from any website.

Update your key CRM fields from any website via Salesbolt. Minimizing data entry and ensuring Salesforce is always up to date on the fly.

Log notes, tasks and activities to your ATS
Create new Leads, Contacts & Accounts in Salesforce in a few clicks
Automatically check your Salesforce CRM from any website
Find verified B2B Email addresses for free

Stop contacting the same candidate multiple times.

Surface Salesforce contacts records and your related activity to avoid duplicate creation and stop over-contacting your candidates.

Capture and parse candidate profiles as full resumes
Source validated contact information for clients and candidates
Easily refresh and update your candidate data
Adaptable feature extensions to match your custom recruiting process